27 May, 2011

Welcome to OUR Magazine

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Welcome to The Cocoa Magazine. I started this magazine (I hesitate to call it that, since there will NEVER be a print component) because there was a clear lack of any such source for developers to get the best information available. Sure there’s google, and it does ok, but my hope is that over time, the content here at the Cocoa Magazine is so much better than anywhere else, you’ll come here to search.

This magazine will be a mix of technical, business, design articles, and whatever else we think will have value to cocoa developers. The plan is to grow and become what the community needs.

What’s in store for the future?

To start, this magazine will live as a website, hopefully one that plays well on an iPad (thanks to Onswipe), but a website nonetheless. The upside is that it’ll be entirely free and open, just drop in, search for content, read the articles each month (we’ll likely release stuff in between monthly releases as well, but that’s later), and more. As we get going though, the next steps involve getting an iPad app created, and figuring out a model that provides a little financial support for everyone involved (I wonder if AOL is still buying). The idea for the iPad app will be straightforward content. Nothing fancy like Wired and the like, just great content, searchable, archivable, and mobile.

Wait, what’s that about money?

Lots of good things are free, but great things cost money. We’re starting Cocoa Magazine good, but we’ll be great as soon as possible. When we do, we’ll be looking at a model similar to ars.technica’s premier subscription. That’s at least a few releases out, and only when we’re sure it’s gonna be worth it for you.


Join us.

We’re still looking for contributors so if you think you’ve got something to share, drop us an email at Thecocoamag AT 360conferences DOT com and we’ll get you in our google group and get you on the schedule. This is gonna be a fun ride, we’re gonna make something awesome!

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